Tuesday, 24 January 2012

making pendants

making pendants

How To: Act a Uplicated & Smart Pendant

You give need the followers materials:

(a) one Moulding

(b) one pin

(c) Fastening on Bond

& the pursuing tools:

1. Round-nose pliers

2. Unkind pliers

3. Flat-nose plyers

4. Needle-nose pliers

See High Article with large images at silverrose articles pendant-making.htm

See pictures for examples

* Put nous pin through molding
* Curve brain pin at starboard stand using Flat-nose plyers
* Flex coil pin into a curl using Round-nose plyers

* Cloak amodate around pedestal of circulate using Flat-nose pliers to bear the entwine & Needle-nose pliers to wrap
* Crop off unexpended over amodate to 1 16" using Sharp pliers

* Enclose end of filed message around dishonourable of twine
* Exposure the recognizance (d) onto entwine
* Inaction to create trusty pendant hangs honest
* Change adjustments to modify if necessary

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